Fabryka Kamienia Budowlanego

Fabryka Kamienia Budowlanegois a family business established in 1966. It brings together 4 generations.

From the outset our idea has been to complete any order: from a little slab, to utility items, to beautiful sculptures expressing the authors’ visions.


Our customers

Our Customer base includes: the Presidential Palace - Belweder, the President’s Chancellery, the Parliament, the Parliament Chancellery, churches, banks (e.g. Bank SK), monument founders (e.g. Poległych Wolszczan (Fallen Residents of Wola District), Pomnik Nauczyciela (Teacher Monument) in Powiśle), the Capital City of Warsaw, the Council of Ministers, Polish National Railways, many developers (e.g. Piekut Development), individual clients for whom FKB has provided window sills, facade panels, staircase and floor elements, as well as sculptures.

Brahman’s home Urząd rady ministrów Proart Anna Rostkowska Piekut Development Miasto stołeczne Warszawa Bank SK Sejm RP Prezydent RP PKP

Beauty, captured

We firmly believe that what we do has a long-term impact. Everything we create is tightly connected to our perception of the world around us, i.e. appreciation of beauty, right proportions, simplicity and utility. These four factors define us and our products. Be our guest.